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Satay Buddha Bowl

I've seen the Buddha bowl trend on social media and thought it was finally my time to try one. This one here is tofu based on a bed of cauliflower rice, and filled with green vegetables.
I used Minimalist Baker's marinated peanut tempeh recipe on my tofu which you can find here.
For the cauliflower recipe, you blend it and simply steam it, and I recommend boiling whatever vegetables you have on hand. Top it with sesame seeds, shallots or coriander. The beauty of these bowls is that you can dress them up or down, depending what you have on hand and change up the surrounding ingredients. 

Another thing I wanted to mention, is that this blog is finally being overhauled. I'm in the stages of editing so that it is more align with how I live my life now, which is that of a plant based diet. I will keep the old archive of recipes I've accumulated along the way but from here on in the recipes will be meatless, and free from animal products.

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