Simple Cinnamon Tea Cake

Sometimes simple can be the best. This certainly is a simple cake but its flavour is delicate and homely. Definitely, this cake is great for those (comme moi) who don't like over the top cakes! It developed a delicious, slight crust around the edges of the cake, which really soaked up the cinnamon and sugar topping...


60g butter, softened
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2/3 cup caster sugar
1 egg
1 cup of self-raising flour
1/3 cup milk
10g butter melted, extra
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp caster sugar, extra

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees (fan-forced) and line a round cake tin. Beat butter, sugar, extract, egg and cinnamon together until light and fluffy. Stir in the sifted flour and milk. Stir with a spoon until combined. Spread mixture into pan; bake for around 25-30 minutes. Stand in pan for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, combine in a bowl the melted butter, cinnamon and sugar. Turn the cake out of tin and brush the cake and sides with the melted butter mixture. Serve with whipped cream or plain...or with custard for a truly delicious (but "healthier") dessert.
Serves 10, 184 calories per slice.


  1. This cake sounds and looks lovely, especially along-side a cuppa.


  2. It's a simply cake but, it sounds really delicious. I love cinnamon in the desserts. It reminds me the comforting desserts my grandmother...

  3. No one can resist anything made with cinnamon! This looks perfectly moist and completely irrestible.

  4. Looks delicious, all that cinnamon...yummmm!
    Bon weekend,

  5. Simple and delicious, that's all we need, right?
    This is a perfect dessert!

  6. Sometimes simple is the best! It looks like it would go well with a nice cup of steaming tea!

  7. You've sold me a slice already!

  8. Oh yum! I love simple. It looks perfect with my cup of hot espresso in the morning!

  9. That looks so, so good and such lovely flavours :)

  10. Yes I agree simple cakes are so nice - this one would be ideal for morning tea - not too sweet but just perfect!! Have a lovely week-end

  11. en général les gâteaux simples sont les plus goûteux
    ta version à la cannelle me titille les papilles, j'en raffole
    ps: je trouve ton français impeccable
    merci et bonne soirée

  12. I love simple, and your simple cinnamon tea cake sounds wonderful:)

  13. So simple, you could almost convince me its virtuous! Lovely with coffee I'd say!

  14. What a lovely treat. I adore desserts that are not too sweet or fussed over. Your recipes never disappoint and you keep me coming back for more. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  15. Bonjour Brittanny - Looking at some lovely blogs today and so glad I found YOURS!
    thank you so much for sharing.
    - Suzi

  16. This looks like my ideal cake. I am just nuts for cinnamon! Thanks for sharing. I will save this one!

  17. This is my kind of cake - simple but flavoursome. Cut me a big slice please!

  18. mmmmm cinnamon sugar topping!!

  19. I am always looking for recipes, my husband would like, and this is one of them. I am not sure if I have time to bake, today, but, I plan to make this, if there is time. Thanks.

  20. Delicious! I adore cinnamon.

  21. I adore cinnamon and this looks like a lovely little cake to add to my list of future projects. Wonderful!


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