Rustic Roast Vegetable Frittata

Unfortunately, my image doesn't give justice to this frittata, but it really was both delicious and beautiful. The vibrant and fresh vegetables pushed through the golden top of frittata, and the body of the frittata was light and delicate.

300g pumpkin, cubed
1 red onion, chopped into 3cm chunks
1 red capsicum, in slices
1 carrot, in 1cm slices
1 large zucchini, in thin slices
4 medium size mushrooms, in slices
7 eggs
1/2 cup milk
garlic clove

Cook all vegetables in oven along with some sprigs of rosemary...or if you want a healthier alternative cook them in the microwave. Cook pumpkin in microwave.
Cook carrot, zucchini and capsicum together with a bit of water and rosemary in the microwave. Cook mushrooms on saucepan with water. Cook red onion with rosemary, garlic and oil in saucepan. Whisk together eggs and milk, then fold through all the vegetables. In a dish, sprinkle bit of rosemary at bottom and a few bits of minced garlic. Pour egg mixture over top and bake for 30-40 minutes on 160 degrees.


  1. Now I'm longing for a Fritata for breakfast...
    but all I;ve got is some carrots and italian parsely...hmmm

  2. Looks great! love a good fritata.

  3. Your frittata sounds delicious! With all these good vegetables ... A good recipe for fall comes!

  4. I love frittata! It's one of those go-to dinners I turn to when I'm too tired to think of anything else and it never disappoints. Roasting makes any veggie more delicious in my opinion, so this frittata has everything going for it :).

  5. This looks such a tasty Frittata!

  6. Wonderful frittata! Love the flavors you have used:) It looks delicious:)

  7. The pumpkin makes this sound like a nice fall dish! I love the tastes of fall!

  8. It may be rustic, but as long as it tastes right...!

  9. Sooo yummy!! That time of the year is coming where pumpkins are just right for this recipe.

  10. This looks soo.. scrummy! I made your recipe for "healthy vegetable Fritatta" and really loved it so will try this one.

  11. I love frittata for breakfast and with all the veggies in it, but never tried with pumpkin...will have to give this a try...looks delicious!

  12. Mmmmmmm... pumpkin? I think I like it! I love frittata for just about any time of day.


  13. I thought I had commented here. Oops.

    This sounds fantastic, especially with the pumpkin. So much to be done with fruits and veggies. Delicious.

  14. Roasted peppers figure very much into my cooking. Frittata is where I find they do best.
    Your recipe sounds very appetizing.

    Thanks for sharing and flavourful wishes,


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