Sweet Penang Chicken Curry

This recipe was adapted from something I found in Taste magazine.  It certainly is a favourite at our house due to that sweet and spicy balance.  I use light coconut milk, but full fat coconut milk does give a better result.  When using light coconut milk, you will find the sauce won't thicken too much.  Now, I just have to borrow the headline from Taste magazine because this is so delicious, you simply have to "thai it yourself."

2 tbsp red curry paste
1 2/3 cups Ayam coconut cream (unshaken) or 1 can carnation lite and creamy coconut milk
2 rectangle cubes of palm sugar, chopped, or 2 tbsp brown sugar
1 cup chicken stock
500g chicken, sliced thinly
4 kaffir lime leaves, spine removed, shredded (or juice of 1 small lime)
1 floret of broccoli, chopped
2 carrots, sliced diagonally
1 capsicum, sliced
1 - 1 1/2 cups of chopped green beans
2 zuccinis, sliced diagonally
+1/2 cup thai basil leaves, to serve (optional)
+ steamed rice, to serve
+ 2 small red chillies, thinly sliced, to serve (optional)
+ 2 limes, quartered, to serve (optional)

Heat fry pan or wok over medium heat until hot.  Spoon thick top layer of coconut cream into wok (alternatively if you are using light carnation milk simply pour 3/4 of the can in).  Cook, stirring constantly, for 8 to 10 minutes or until oil separates and floats to the top.  Add curry paste mixture.  Cook, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes.  Add sugar. Cook for 5 minutes or until sauce reduces slightly; stirring constantly to avoid burnt cream/milk.  Gradually add remaining coconut cream (or milk) and stock.  Cook for 15 to 20 minutes or until sauce thickens. (If you use lite milk, the sauce won't thicken much at all).  Meanwhile, heat a frying pan over medium-high heat and cook the chicken in peanut or sesame oil.  Transfer to a heatproof bowl.  In the same frying pan, cook the vegetables; ensuring those that need longer cooking time are put into the pan first.  If you prefer, pop the vegetables [seperately] in the microwave for a few minutes first.  Once the sauce has thickened, pour it over the vegetables.  Return the chicken to the pan.  Add lime leaves to pan.   Stir the sauce, vegetables, and meat together thoroughly.  Serve with rice, optional chillis and thai basil leaves.


  1. I love the photo, it looks so colourful and bright...!

  2. Wow, this is a delicious Asian curry! I can almost smell the aroma of the kaffir lime leaves. Looks really yummy!

  3. Brittany, this looks and sounds wonderful. Your photo makes the dish look especially appealing. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. My family would love this dish. Curries are always welcome at our house and your picture makes my mouth water.

  5. You picture looks so inviting, a lovely heartwarming winter dish :)

  6. Just back from Melbourne and no time to sort all the pictures or do a post, but when I saw this, I had to pop over. I didn't know Ayam brand sell coconut milk there, we always use fresh grated coconut but have resorted to use canned Ayam (which meant Chicken brand) over her for convenience sake. Penang is an island up north, very famous for its aunthentic Nyonya food -mainly hot and spicy. I must say with loads of Penang food I have eaten, I have never eaten sweet curry :) but guessed it wd taste as good, Normally, the first step to any curry dish here is to saute loads of red onions with oil, then the add in the paste and curry leaves, supposed to bring out all the flavours, then throw in some fresh stalk of lemongrass or two... :) Happy eating.

  7. Mmmm! I love curries that have a sweet aspect to them! :D

  8. I absolutely adore any type of Thai curry. This looks fantastic!

  9. Yummy! Looks delish. I think I will have to Thai it..lol

  10. Love the headline...love the recipe.
    It's great that you can cook as well as you bake Brittany ;o)

    Have a great week,

  11. Sounds absolutely delicious.


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