Homemade Pasta

I have wanted to do this post for a long time. Back in September I took a pasta making course.  There, I realized that homemade pasta is far better than packet bought pasta.  It's fresher, tastier; and the satisfaction of making it yourself enhances your pasta eating experience too! The only downside for beginners is that it takes a while to make as one needs time to get used to rolling out pasta sheets.  Remember, when rolling pasta sheets, the thinner the better.  Top your homemade pasta with any sauce you wish, and cut into any desired shapes.  The choice is yours!


400g 00 Italian flour
4 eggs
2 tsp salt

Combine flour and salt in a bowl.  Tip mixture onto clean workbench and make a well.  Working quickly, crack the eggs into the whole of the flour well.  Spread your fingers into a wide claw shape, and keeping your fingers stiff, stir the eggs into the flour.  Continue to do so until mixture is well combined.  Now start to knead the dough.  You will need to dough it until it is smooth and elastic, say, 10 to 15 minutes.  If needed, wet your fingers slightly as you begin the kneading process.  To check if your dough is kneaded enough, gather the dough in a ball and pull it slightly; a good dough should not break and become holey.  Once kneaded and smooth, shape into a ball.  Lay out 1 piece of cling film on a work bench.  Lightly slick your hands in olive oil and rub oil into the open cling film.  Lay the dough in the cling film and wrap up.  Let rest in fridge for around 1/2 hour.  Meanwhile, work on your desired sauce.  After 1/2 hour, remove from fridge.  Cut a piece, say a generous handful of dough, and using a pasta machine, push this piece of dough through the machine at the widest setting.  Continue to push this piece of dough through the machine a few times on the same setting.  Gradually wind down the setting (letting the dough go through 1 setting at least 3 times) until it is as thin as you desire.  Cook in a boiling pot of salted water for around 3-4 minutes or until cooked.  Immediately stir sauce through pasta.


  1. bravo c'est très réussi, c'est vrai que les pâtes maison sont plus fraiche que celles du commerce
    bonne journée

  2. Homemade pasta is totally the bees knees! Yours looks great ;0)

  3. I agree; there is nothing like homemade pasta. Totally worth the effort. Yours looks wonderful:)

  4. Homemade pasta is so much fun and so much tastier than storebought! You did such a great job with yours!

  5. Wow, this does look great! I wish I could just put my hand into the screen and grab it! Yummy!

    By the way, I love your blog so much that I have recommended it on my list of favourite blogs on my blog! <3


  6. You are so right about homemade pasta. It is far better, and this looks delicious. You have reminded me that I bought a pasta maker when I was in high school, and have probably only used it a couple of dozen times since, so I need to dust it off!

  7. My fav post so far, only because I wanted to make my own fresh pasta. What is Italian flour? I have never seen any before here, and what is the substitute for it? Can you help :) I will print this and try out this weekend...hopefully. Happy week ahead.

  8. It looks delicious and it always is so much better than its dry cousins. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. Aren't you just the smartest girl making your own pasta. I'm too lazy. Now be a dear and hand me one of those profiteroles svp! :)

  10. humm des pâtes! J'adore.. ;)
    J'organise le KKVKVK #37 sur le flan sucré et/ou salé: http://unecuillerepourlesdelices.blogspot.com/2010/11/concours-kkvkvk-37-flan-patissier.html
    ça me ferait très plaisir si tu pouvais y participer :)
    Bonne soirée

  11. Homemade pasta is on my list to make! Yours looks wonderful!

  12. Wow kudos to you. Definitely will have to try this sometime.


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