Saturday, February 5, 2011

Greek Lemon and Almond Scrolls

I've made these countless times over the past few weeks but each time have failed to photograph them! They disappear so quickly.  The filling, which is enrobed in a flaky pastry, has a perfect balance between lemon and sweetness.  This recipe makes 4 individual scrolls so be sure to get your fair share!

2/3 cup ground almonds
1/3 flaked almonds
175g icing sugar
1 tbsp rosewater
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp lemon zest
1 egg white
12 sheets filo pastry, thawed
+ olive oil, for brushing
+ ground cinnamon, to serve
+ icing sugar, to serve

MethodPreheat the oven to 180 degrees (fan-forced) and grease a baking tray.  In a bowl, combine the ground and flaked almonds with the icing sugar.  In a seperate bowl, lightly beat the egg white with a fork before adding to the almond mixture.  Add in the lemon zest, vanilla and rosewater to the almond mixture; stir to combine until a paste forms.  To make the first scroll, lay down 3 sheets of filo pastry on a bench.  Brush them with olive oil.  Along the longest side, place 1/4 of the mixture in a strip.  Now roll up this strip so you have a long sausage like shape.  Brush with extra olive oil.  Now shape the long sausage shape into a coil.  Place on the tray.  Continue to use mixture and filo sheets (remember, 3 sheets per scroll) until you have 4 scrolls on the tray.  Bake in oven for around 30 minutes.  Serve with cinnamon and icing sugar sprinkled on top.  And if you're feeling extra-indulgent, dip the scroll in some thickened cream.


  1. These do sound delicious. I LOVE anything lemony! x

  2. They look amazing, no wonder they vanish so quickly. Great falvour combo too.

  3. Lemon, rosewater, almonds and cinnamon - yummmmmm!

  4. Your scrolls look so pretty. I know how hard it can be sometimes to get a photo before the food disappears!

  5. Brittany these sound and look delicious. I know all about the photo problem, twice this week I have cooked relly good recipes and have forgotten to grab the camera!! Diane

  6. Yummy!! what an great bunch of flavours. Is four all to yourself a fair share?

  7. These sound great - I love greek sweets!

  8. J'adore ce type de dessert. J'aime quand il y a des noix et de la pâte bien feuilletée!

  9. These look delish... I have decided to quit trying to mark each of your recipes that I would like to try and just put a giant "Brittany's recipes" on a bookmark for your whole blog!! You are amazing, my dear.


  10. This is crunchy for sure!!! Got a spare one for me? ^^

  11. citron et amandes, c'est un vrai plaisir gourmand
    bonne soirée

  12. Ooooohhhhh! These look to die for!

  13. Ooh la la! These sound exotic and amazingly delicious. Love the hint of rose with the lemon and almond.

  14. If it's Greek.....I love it! I'm also an almond and lemon fan so these are just right up my alley.

  15. Now that's an endorsement that they disappear quickly! They look scrumptious! :)

  16. Love the sound of these, sweetness balanced by the sharpness of the lemon - perfect!

  17. Ohhh...these are incredibly interesting. I'm thinking of replacing the rosewater with orange water which I usually prefer...hope you don't mind too much ;)

    Great dessert Brittany...this one is certainly going in my repertoire of easy pastry making ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,

  18. I love filo pastry, along with lemon and almonds, so I'd be making sure I got my (more than fair) share of this! Where have I been--everything on your front page is new and looks amazing. You've been busy baking!

  19. These look really good Brittany. No wonder they disappear so quickly!

  20. sounds like a delicious combination of flavours. I'm not surprised that they disappeared so quickly.

  21. Mr CC would love these - I will have to print the recipe!


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