Tips for 3 Tiered Cake

Hello my blogging friends! The last fornight has been a whirlwind of travel, festivities and baking.  I was initially absent because I changed my blog URL which lost many of you in cyberspace!  Then, I left on my trip to Hong Kong which was then followed by celebrations for my Mother's 50th Birthday. I organized a surprise 50th party for her and had to cook many appetizers as well as this 3 tiered cake for her! Phew! I'm tired just thinking about it!

So, this post is just to say that I am definitely still here blogging and I'm sorry about my little pause. Please note that my URL is now  You may need to update your following situation for the new URL to register on your dashboards.  I look forward to hearing from you, and following your posts of course, as time goes on!

Now, I'd like to just share a few tips about icing and assembling a 3 tiered cake.  I used the following chocolate cake recipe which is enough batter for 2 cakes (click here); and the top layer of my cake was made out of this Donna Hay Vanilla Cake recipe (click here).

2 x chocolate cake
1 x vanilla cake
3 batches chocolate buttercream
1 x vanilla buttercream, dyed to your desired colour

1 metal spatula
1 bowl of very hot water
1 tea towel
1 large icing bag (dyed vanilla buttercream inside) fitted with wide star nozzle
+ flowers for decoration

General Method and Tips

Place largest chocolate cake on icing board.  Dip metal spatula into bowl of hot water, wipe off water on tea towel, and then scoop up some chocolate buttercream to ice chocolate cake.  Try to use more buttercream than you need and then smooth off the excess.  The heat from the hot water will help you to create a smooth appearance.  Ice all of the cakes separately before stacking them.  Using the piping bag, pipe star shape all around the edges of each layer.  This will cover up any slightly imperfections around the bases of the cakes.  Place flowers (from garden, or edible but don't use live flowers with lots of pollen) on each layer of cake for decoration.  Chill in fridge so buttercream sets, but bring to room temperature to serve.

Design Tips
Choose a simple piping design if you are not yet confident with intricate piping.  Not only with this save you time, but will ensure that your cake looks neater and elegant.  Simple can sometimes be key.


  1. Thank you Brittany for the FB info!
    I'm getting help from CulinaryLibrarian on Monday.

    *The way to get yr new blog website into the comments is to bypass yr blog name and fillin the Name/URL blanks.
    Then they can go directly to yr new terrific site!
    (Like I am doing here)
    But you probably know that already since you understand FB(i.e.Greek)
    Why did I think you lived in Brittany..?

  2. PS
    If you can make this cake you can DO ANYTHING (like FB)
    Pastry chefs and rocket scientists are in the same boat.

  3. Whoops
    why such complicated signin to leave a comment on the new blog :(
    A password required?
    Too much spam :(

  4. Oh i found you brittany. I wondered where you had been. I had been astray too on my travels. It is so nice to have found you once again and look at you - you have been so busy.
    Home now after my travels - had a wonderful time but glad to be home. x

  5. Brittany thanks for the tips. Your mother is so lucky to have you as a daughter, that cake is fantastic. I am glad that I have tracked you down again. Take care. Diane

  6. Hey, hi there! Love to know that you had a great time and how was your Hong Kong trip? I live in Hong Kong and would love to know what did you like the most about Hong Kong! Happy blogging!! Shall come back for more!

  7. Dear Brittany, It was so nice that you did a party and a beautiful cake for your mother. A very happy birthday to her. I am sure that she must have been so pleased and proud for all of the time and love you gave for her birthday. The cake looks beautiful. I am sure that it was delicious and well. Blessings, Catherine ox

  8. That is a beautiful cake - love the colour scheme and your decoration. Perfect.

  9. How beautiful, I love the colour. I bet your mother was delighted.

  10. hi, nice to see you back in action! i wish to follow again but i cant see anything in your followers section. Actually i'm experiencing the same problem with my blog and some other blogs too but i shall come back later to chk again!

  11. Great blog and glad to have found you!

  12. Your cake is splendid! I love the pretty decorations.



  13. Bravo pour ce superbe gâteau et bon anniversaire à ta mère.
    A très bientôt.

  14. that cake is just gorgeous! i bet your mom just LOVED it!

    and a trip to hong kong?! busy week!

  15. You really have been busy. Your cake is gorgeous and I'm sure your mother was delighted.How could she not be? I hope you have a wonderful evening. Blessings...Mary

  16. What a beautiful cake for your mother's birthday! Happy to see you posting again!

  17. Hi Brittany, Sorry for not commenting earlier, I clicked on your old URL and it keeps showing, "does not exist". Finally figure out to click on your comment over at my post to get here! :)
    You did a beautiful job with your mom's birthday cake! It is so beautiful! I have never attempted a layer cake before! And you are such a sweet and wonderful daughter to surprise her with a birthday party! Happpy Belated Birthday to your mom! She must be a very happy and proud mom!
    Have a lovely week, Brittany!

  18. Lovely, lovely cake. Will go change my bloglist now :)

  19. I love the colours of the cake! It looks fabulous!

  20. Superbe, merveilleux...un véritable bonheur visuel et sans aucun doute gustatif.

  21. This looks amazing. Love the purple colour theme - my mum's favourite colour.

  22. Turning 50 was a big deal for me. Now I only dream of being 50 again! :)
    Beautiful cake for your Mum!

  23. Wow how beautiful it looks.. gorgeous one.

  24. I love the colours of the cake! It looks fabulous!

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