Raw vegan snickers slice

If you've read this blog previously, you might recall I went through a stage of eating vegan only because of food allergies that I had.  Things have changed since then, but I still love vegan food and raw foods sweets.  I love that it's nourishing to both body and planet and honestly just feel better for eating a vegan cake than I do a 'normal' one. 
I have a local place that does raw vegan snickers slice and it's beautiful..so I wanted to try my hand at recreating it at home.  This recipe I found here by A Sunshine Mission, worked wonders.  Next time I use this recipe however I think I would double the caramel filling and the chocolate filling because the base is a little thick for my liking. But still, it was such an easy recipe which is a relief because sometimes vegan raw sweets can feel laborious to me.  The mejool dates are a perfect substitute for a sticky caramel and I love finding the crunch of a peanut squished amongst the layers. The best part is that this slice is one of those ones you get to blitz in a processor, and shove in the freezer!


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