French Music

Here you can find a list of my favourite French artists and a few song suggestions.  All links are youtube clips for your own viewing.  Oh, and if you have any suggested artists, please let me know by commenting below!

Edith Piaf (Classic)

Everybody interested in French music or culture should know the songs of Edith Piaf!
La Foule
Non, je ne regrette rien 

Zazie (Soft Pop)
I like Zazie for her meaningful lyrics.  Recommended for adults, or French learners who are wanting to read interesting lyrics.
Je suis un homme
Chanson d'ami
Je t'aime mais 

Yelle (Pop)
I like Yelle for her fun, upbeat music.  She is quite quirky and this is reflected in her music.  Recommended for those looking for fun music, often with a bit of humour behind it.  Teenagers would like this!
Que veux-tu
Qui est cette fille?
Parle a ma main
Amour du Sol

Helmut Fritz (Pop/Electro)
I like Helmut Fritz for his hilarious and contraversial lyrics.  Lovers of Laudrée should listen out for a reference to their beloved macarons in the below song!
Ca m'enerve

Moziimo (Indie Rock)
Recommended for those interested in easy listening indie music. 
Je voudrais etre un fleuve 

Emilie Simon (Pop)
Emilie Simon is a diverse artist.  Initially the bulk of her songs were very soft and feminine, but now they are more electro pop.  Recommended for those interested in girly pop music.
Fleur de Saison
Dame de Lotus
Le Vieil Amant


Shy'm (Pop)
I like Shy'ms lyrics and the fact that she reminds me of Beyonce or Rhianna; but French of course! Recommended for lovers of Beyonce..or pop in general.
Je suis moi
Si tu savais

Kyo (Pop Rock)
Kyo may seem a little rough, but their music is general very soft.  I like Kyo as the combination of male and female voice is lovely.
L'or de nos vies
Le chemin


Clemence Saint-Preux (Folk Pop)
I like Clemence as her songs are very easy to listen to and quite catchy.  Her voice is lovely as well.  Her talent was noticed at a young age, in fact she song with Johnny Hallyday.
La vie comme elle vient
Sans defence
Ou es-tu
On a tous besoin d'amour (with Johnny Hallyday)

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